The Puzzle Illusion?
Sometimes during a live performance of my show Dare to Believe! I will feel led to share about my families experience in overcoming a terrible tragedy. I do this not to solicit sympathy but instead to encourage and give hope to people in the audience who might be going through a difficult season.

Since I usually don’t go into a lot of detail, sometimes after the show people will ask me what was the terrible tragedy my family and I experienced?

I will briefly explain, 2008 started out as another great year for our family we were so thankful that we could work together and travel together as a family, after completing a successful extensive tour in Asia, we returned to the U.S. in late April. Over the summer my beautiful wife Susan developed a rare autoimmune disease of the liver called sclerosing cholangitis. Very little was known about this disease in 2008 and we spent the next 6 months traveling all over the country visiting the top doctors in gastroenterology and hepatology.

Despite cutting edge treatment for the time, in January 2009 Susan’s Liver failed. In February 2009 Susan was number 1 in line in the north and western United States for a liver transplant- tragically the transplant never happened.  On April 13th 2009 my beautiful and Amazing wife Susan passed away after a long battle with a rare and horrific autoimmune disease. She was an incredible mother and a great business partner. She will always be the love of my life and for 22 years we had the most amazing life together!

From early childhood, Susan had a deep faith in Jesus Christ and impacted many lives for Him. Her passions in life were her faith, family and marriage. She leaves a remarkable legacy of faith in me and our four children, as well as many others who crossed her path. We look forward to the day when we will all be together again.

If you, (like me and my family) have experienced tragedy or loss, my heart goes out to you! Maybe like us, you have also felt like things couldn’t get any worse!

If so, I want to encourage you that the God of the universe gives us humans a promise- that all things will work together for our good if we love Him! God always has a plan! He always has a way, even when it seems like there is no way! I pray that you will take God up on His promise and Dare to Believe!

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