Jay Owenhouse

Jay was born and raised in northern California. He first became interested in magic at 4 years old when his parents surprised him by hiring a magician to perform at his birthday party! At age 11, he watched a magician levitate a woman in midair on T.V. Jay was so impressed, he urged his mother to take him to a magic shop in a neighboring city to purchase some tricks and a magic book. For the next four years Jay sought out all the information he could find on magic. His free time was spent practicing sleight of hand and other tools of the trade. After perfecting his skills in front of friends and family Jay performed his first magic show to a third grade class at age 14.

In his junior year of high school Jay saw Doug Henning’s World of Magic show at the San Francisco Opera House. Never before had Jay realized that a magic show could be staged and performed so brilliantly. Returning to see the show several times, Jay met Doug and his crew and started a friendship what would help him achieve his goal of becoming a professional magician.

After High School Jay moved to Montana to attend college at MSU. Jay graduated from MSU with a degree in Psychology; a field that gave him the necessary insight on the illusionist’s skills of perception, suggestion and manipulation. Although Jay was offered a promising career in broadcasting, Jay chose to remain true to his dream. After years of hard work Jay and Susan have developed one of the most successful touring shows in the country. Jay’s new show was voted, “Best Touring Family Show In Asia”!

Owenhouse spent 2008 touring China and Japan, Where Jay’s show received the “Best Touring Family Show in Asia”-Jay can also currently be seen on Fox T.V. in the show Magic On The Edge and in the T.V. Special called “Masters Of Illusion” a program profiling the best Magicians in the world. Produced by Associated Television International, the show is currently airing in Europe, Asia, Australia and in the U.S.
Jay has invented magic effects and designed illusions not only for his show, but also for other magicians of world renown.

Come See Why- Hollywood entertainment journalist, Mark Ebner, calls The Magic of Jay Owenhouse, “[With apologies to PT Barnum] the greatest touring Family show on earth.”



My Beautiful Wife Susan and I met in college at Montana State University. We were married in 1987 and have four children- John, Peter, Juliana and Christina. In April of 2009 Susan passed away after a long battle with a rare auto-immune disease. She was an incredible mother and a great business partner. She is the Love of my life and for 22 years we had an Amazing Life together.

From early childhood, she had a deep faith in Jesus Christ and impacted many lives for Him. Her passions in life were her faith, her family, and her marriage. She leaves a remarkable legacy of faith in me and our four children, as well as many others who crossed her path. We look forward to the day we will all be together again.


My son John is my main illusion engineer/assistant in the show, he is also a junior in Financial Engineering at MSU. John is very adventurous, he loves to travel, he is an avid reader and always seems to have words of wisdom for me when I need them most.

Twitter @johnowenhouse


My son Peter is my sound and video engineer in the show, he is also a commercial pilot. Peter seems to gravitate towards things that go fast! (cars, planes, motorcycles)

He is also a great photographer and has a good eye for design which has been very helpful with the show.

Twitter @peterowenhouse

My Daughter Juliana is my main female assistant on stage, she is also a Freshman at MSU, Juliana is always the “life of our Party” which makes traveling in a bus a lot more fun! She loves children, romantic comedies and performing in cities with a Nordstrom’s. She has a great sense of style which helps me a lot in keeping the show current.

Twitter @jmowenhouse


My Daughter Christina is my 2nd female assistant on stage, She is in 4th grade. Christina loves to dance and has a passionate love for all animals especially horses. She has a great sense of humor and loves spending time with her family. If I ever find myself getting too serious about life-5 min. with Christina puts all things back into perspective.

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